:: About the Elephants of Cameroon ::


Cameroon sometimes referred to as the "hinge of Africa" is a country about the size of California located in Western Africa, it borders the Bight of Biafra, between Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. Cameroon is a very popular travel destination in Africa, mostly due to it's diverse landscape and beautiful wild life, including the endangered elephants. The climate in cameroon varies a lot, it's tropical near the coast but semiarid and very hot in the north. The terrain of cameroon is also very diverse from coastal plains in the southwest to mountains in the west, highest point being the Fako mountain at 4095m above the sea level. Cameroon along with endangered elephant population also faces numerous other environmental hazards, including: water borne diseases, over fishing, poaching of numerous species of animals, desertification, overgrazing and deforestation. Cameroon faces a huge problem with poaching of elephants (Loxodonta africana) which entered the endangered species list in 1998. Increasing ivory prices promoted poaching in the 1970s which destroyed nearly half of the elephant population. While the poaching problem has been reduced by government measures since 1998, it's still an ongoing problem in Cameroon.